Email Encryption Options

Email Encryption Options

For many of us, sending secure mail is becoming a regular practice. It’s required by U.S. law now for certain types of data. I anticipate that ALL email will be securely delivered, by default, within two more years. The various software out there to get the job done is daunting. Every company seems to choose a different service and it’s a horrible mess. We have three encryption choices that we have found to work well depending on your needs.

Azure Rights Management (ARM) works without requiring the recipient to establish an account with the encryption authority. ARM does not require any add-ons or additional software to send OR receive. ARM costs less than everything else.

CipherPost Pro (CPP) provides the email sender with two great benefits. First, they get a Send Secure button in Outlook sitting next to the Send button. Second, their conversations stay within Outlook, if they are using the CPP Outlook add-on.

EchoWorks (EW) could not be easier. Every user in the domain has encrypted email capability, not just those, as above, who get signed up. Everything is encrypted if it meets the sending rules established and customized by the client. No add-ons, no fuss, no mess. If the email cannot be sent securely, the recipient gets a secure link to read the message – without any authentication.


ARM $2.50 per user. No minimum.

CPP  $8 per user. $25 minimum.

EW  $8 per user for every domain user plus a $1,000 setup fee.


Do you have questions about which option is best for your business? Call the Help Desk today and choose option 2 for Wise Counsel.