How Would You Know?

How Would You Know?

Imagine…your admin just received an email FROM YOU, instructing him to send money to a bank account in Bosnia. He resists, and emails you to request clarification. You immediately respond that you want the money sent right away – it’s so very important. Your admin follows your directions and sends your money to a hacker in Bosnia.

Here’s another one. One of your favorite clients calls up to ask why you sent him such an offensive email. And there’s another caller waiting to tell you the same thing. Your reputation has been tarnished and your business will suffer. We do a message trace and find that the email was actually sent from your mailbox to over 600 recipients.

Far fetched? I wish that were true. Every month we hear of a mail breach similar to this story. What really happened here? Your email password has been compromised. The hacker is IN your mailbox; watching; learning; prepping. When the timing is right, the hacker poses as you, attempting to move funds. Sadly, it works nearly every time.

There is a very simple way to avoid this from ever happening to you or your staff. It’s called two-factor authentication. You use it all over the place – except your mailbox. It’s time for that to change. Just like the fingerprint or face scanner on your phone; just like the numbers texted to your phone that allow you to view your banking records; you must lock down your mailbox!

2FA is a necessary security step for email protection. You no longer have to change your password periodically, because the account will be protected by more than a password, complex or otherwise.

Our team will be reaching out to implement 2FA for all our clients before the year is out.

If you do not wish to use 2FA, we will ask you to sign an Memorandum of Understanding that your email is at risk and you have chosen to avoid the only guaranteed protection available – even though the service is free.