OneDrive Perks

OneDrive Perks

Everything I work on is shared on one of four 365 OneDrives. I have my personal terabyte and Quo Vadis has three other 365 Groups of which I am a member. 4Tb of space without any additional cost. This is the wonder of the 365 space.

I’m reminded of Microsoft Word’s first foray into the marketplace. It was a disaster. WordPerfect was king, and it kept that crown for a long time with all its templates and macros to merge docs. But when Microsoft returned with Word 2.0, the world was flipped on its head. WordPerfect was sold to three other companies before finally disappearing.

Microsoft Word became the de facto standard for word processing in the business world. This was followed closely by the downfall of Quattro Pro, Symphony and Lotus 1-2-3 all fell to the mighty Microsoft Excel.

File Move is a new Office 365 feature. With File Move, you can now move files between locations in Office 365 – including personal files and shared sites – while preserving the full fidelity of version history and document metadata.

OneDrive for Business File Hover Card is new. With File Hover Card, as soon as you hover your mouse over a file you will be able to see file details such as access stats like number of views, who viewed, and who modified.