Who are we?

Before starting Quo Vadis, we looked around for a company that specialized in helping small business owners navigate the world of technology. We couldn’t find one. Quo Vadis is uniquely designed to work directly with business owners who need wise counsel as they implement new systems and maintain sound business practices amid ever-growing compliance mandates and exploding innovations in the computing industry. We focus on building strategic alliances with long-term partners, whether they be honest, knowledgeable engineers, best-of-breed vendors, or like-minded business owners. Our success is tied to the success of these relationships.

The Quo Vadis business philosophy is a commitment to integrity, while providing excellent service to the clients who trust us. Our name is Latin for, “Where are you going?” In our experience, there are few business owners who are confident in their firm’s technological direction. Fortunately, we know the way. Join us.

We give technical guidance to the business community in these mission critical areas:

Data Protection
You know that sick feeling you get in your stomach when blue lights start flashing in your rear view mirror? It’s just like when your computer screen turns blue just before you save the document you’ve spent hours working on. We hate that feeling! And we know how to avoid it.

Business Continuity
Nobody wants to talk about funeral planning when the sun is shining and the coffee tastes so good, but that’s an important conversation. If your server dies right now, wouldn’t it be calming to have a backup plan already in place?

Remote Management and Monitoring
There was a time when doctors were paid to keep you well. That about says it.

Hosted Applications
If a car accident three blocks away makes your Internet go down, or a tenant down the block causes a power outage, why should your business suffer? It doesn’t have to be that way. Our goal is to save you money in the long run.

Patch Management
A recent automobile recall due to possible battery explosions got our attention. When safety is concerned, everyone takes notice. The same thing applies to computers – but since no one gets burned, it’s easy to ignore the annoying update reminders. We do it all for you, behind the scenes, while you get more work done.

Threat Detection and Assessment
Detecting threats to your proprietary, confidential data and preventing intrusion is one of our top priorities. We recognize how much damage can be done by a theft, and the resulting effect on your business reputation.

Network Design and Maintenance
Our profitability demands that the networks we support be secure, stable and supportable. Funny thing: so does yours.

Disaster Recovery
We’re talking about more than business continuity. What happens between a disaster and the time the new computers show up? We can rebuild your business, and make it stronger than before. Let’s write a happy ending to a sad story… and who knows, your insurance rates may go down too.

The Renaissance Mindset
We are unapologetically old fashioned. We rise when a lady comes to the table. We still believe that men are responsible for doing what they say and all actions have consequences. We believe in good stewardship and spending wisely. We own the network. We treat it as if it were our own equipment. We recognize that the clients we have are working for a profit and that expenses must be justified by providing measurable value to the business. We seek to earn the role of trusted adviser. In short, we recognize that by providing excellent support and wise counsel our clients will gain peace of mind and refer us to others.