They are not lying – they are just seriously deceived – and compensated to remain ignorant.

That’s my current view of all these purveyors of “fiber” – which is now available in your building… or your block. Not unlike the stock broker who calls with a quiet tip to get your retirement fund back on track by morning, the pleasant sales person calls to let you in on the ground floor. Fiber is in your building and they are willing to waive the installation fee. Just say “yes!” But don’t take the time to call your IT support…

We might give you a different perspective, and the guy selling fiber doesn’t much appreciate it. One of our clients was recently offered the great privilege of moving from their current 50 x 5 cable connection to smokin’ fast 25 x 25 fiber connection. Fabulous sounding phrases like, “no shared bandwidth” and “dedicated fiber circuit” are used to give you the impression that this is the greatest technology update since Apple’s iPhone.

Here is some simple math (and wisdom) from a simple man looking to make a simple decision.

  1. Your Internet pipe is a pipe. The medium (copper pairs, coaxial cable, fiber) is largely irrelevant if we are comparing quality circuits.
  2. It is absolutely not true that fiber is faster than cable. Fiber circuits can most definitely provide higher speeds than cable can, but it costs a small fortune. Scratch that. It costs a large fortune.
  3. If you change your Internet speed from 50-down via cable to 25-down via fiber, you can spin it any way you like, but you have HALVED the download speed. It’s simple math.
  4. Fiber is synchronous. Cable is asynchronous. Right. Lowering the download speed (which everyone uses) and making it sound like the greater upload speed will “make up for it” is hogwash.

A pipe is a pipe. Call us. We often can call your current Internet provider and get you double the speed for half the price. We just did that. The client was paying $260/month for 50×5 cable. He was offered 25×25 fiber for $400/month. Mary got him 100×10 cable for $135/month! You read that right. She got him double the speed for half the price – instead of half the speed for double the price.

Your mileage may vary. Call us, that’s always a free call. 🙂