Help Desk Upgrade

Help Desk Upgrade

We recently made an upgrade to our phone system to allow our callers a new feature. Now, if you can’t wait on hold for an Engineer, you will have the option of hanging up while retaining your place in the queue!

When you choose to drop out, the system will keep your place in the queue, and will dial back the number from your Caller ID when an Engineer is given your call.

Note: If you block your Caller ID, you will not be able to use this feature.

If you did not call from a DID (direct inbound dial) number, then you must tell your receptionist that you’re expecting a support call back from Quo Vadis. The Engineer will not know who called in. If your receptionist has not been informed, we will have no choice but to end the call. 🙁

If you have to call support, we hope this will help make it as pleasant as possible. Keep in mind that after our recent hiring, your average wait time for an Engineer is 51 seconds!