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10 Jun 2016

Who’s Using Up The Bandwidth?

We have received many questions about analyzing internet usage. Now, with SonicWALL Analyzer Software we have the ability to give you detailed reports.

The SonicWALL Analyzer is a traffic analytics and reporting tool that provides real-time and historical insight into the health, performance and security of the network.
Organizations of all sizes benefit from enhanced employee productivity, optimized network bandwidth utilization and increased security awareness.With the SonicWALL Analyzer you will receive reports on firewall threats, bandwidth usage statistics, and application traffic analysis, providing visibility into employee productivity and suspicious network activity.

It tracks individual user activities locally or on remote network sites to provide even greater insight into traffic usage across the entire network and, more specifically, application usage, web sites visited, backup activity and VPN connections per user.

The Analytics offer granular reporting on specific types of attacks or intrusion attempts and the source address of the attack to enable administrators to react quickly to incoming threats.

For companies that are subject to audit or simply want to keep an eye on their employees and maintain a secure environment, we strongly recommend this software.

Interested? Good timing. SonicWALL Analyzer Software is on sale in June for just $99 (normally $125)!