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08 Jan 2018

Webroot Updates Coming!

Many of you are now protected by the Webroot anti-malware agent we’ve installed last year. During the month of January we will be activating the features listed below to your devices.  Just like the at the airport, increasing security can have some unintended consequences.  Some of these features could bring to the forefront latent issues that have been around for a while. If that’s the case, give us a call and we will have the matter addressed.

Scan Schedule

Your computer is scanned for malicious software, during a time of reduced activity.  We will be setting your machine to preform a scan at 6PM.  All you need to do is ensure that your PC remains on for the evening and the scan will work fine.  


A basic security feature of a computer is the firewall.  This should never be disabled as a fix for ‘something not working right’.  However, we have noticed some PCs have had their firewalls turned off.  Going forward, Webroot will ensure the firewall is always active.

Web Threat Shield

This blocks known threats encountered on the Internet and displays a warning. The Web Shield maintains information on more than 200 million URLs and IP addresses to comprise the most accurate and comprehensive data available for classifying content and detecting malicious sites.

When you run an Internet query such as a Google search, SecureAnywhere shields modify the results display with icons that give you safety information about each website returned as a result of the search.

Identity Shield

The Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield protects you from identity theft and financial loss. It ensures that your sensitive data is protected, while safe-guarding you from keyloggers, screen-grabbers, and other information-stealing techniques. If the shield detects any malicious content, it blocks the site and opens an alert.

Recycle Bin

How long a security scan by Webroot takes is a function a few factors, one being how many files are stored on your PC.  To improve this performance, we have set the recycle bin to be emptied every weekend.  

If you ever receive a pop up which does not make sense to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can investigate.