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18 Dec 2019

2020 Changes

We have some exciting changes coming up at the turn of the new year!

Take control of your own password resets for Office 365, with the self-service option. If you are a Network Care client, you’ll be prompted over the next two weeks to provide an off-domain address and mobile number to verify your identity. No more calling to get a reset!

Microsoft will be mandating 2FA (two-factor authentication) soon, so we’re helping to prepare you for it now. All you need is a mobile number to help authenticate your login when you access your mail. Many of you are doing this already, but for those of you who aren’t, you’ll be prompted over the next two weeks to provide your mobile number. Once you enable 2FA, your password will never expire!

We will be enabling 2FA for all our Network Care clients who use Office 365 in the first quarter of 2020. Prior to this, we will be sending you an email with clear instructions (and pictures!) to help you. Don’t worry, our engineers are here every step of the way to assist with this.

Call your Engineer directly! We’ve enhanced our phone system so you can get to the Engineer working on your request directly, without having to speak to an Operator or wait in the Engineer’s queue. Let us know how you like it.

01 Apr 2019

Password Reset

By now you should have heard about two-factor or multi-factor authentication. Your bank probably uses it to allow access to your accounts. Microsoft offers it for account access with two-factor authentication FOR FREE!

If you enable 2FA, we set your email password to NEVER expire. Our clients LOVE THIS. Just call the Help Desk when you have 5 minutes and your mobile phone is available and unused. If you install the Microsoft Authenticator app from your mobile App store beforehand, the process is that much quicker.

If you DON’T use 2FA, eventually, you’ll need to reset your password. If it expires, you’ll need to call the Help Desk for assistance in getting it reset, which brings us to the purpose of this update.

For your protection, we are implementing stronger security to validate password reset requests. If you are using 2FA, you can ignore the rest of this article.

Social engineering is one of the most serious threats in today’s world. I am concerned that some nefarious hacker will attempt to fake-out our Engineers in order to reset your email password. Beginning in April 2019, we will begin using Helpdesk Authentication through Duo. If you have Duo already, you’re all set.

For those clients who have never used Duo we will provide free authentication for password verification. Call the Help Desk to get it setup before your password needs to be reset. For those who have, we encourage you to add your other team members.

Effective April 2019, users requiring a password reset that do not use Duo will need to call from their office phone. Otherwise we plan on calling the main office or use other verification methods before performing a password reset.

05 Jun 2018

Easy Cleanup for You

Clutter tends to have a degenerative effect. First your desk gets a little overcrowded with trinkets, business cards, yesterday’s mail, and that ever-growing stack of paperwork you’ve been meaning to get to. But then it’s the dirty dishes in your sink at home. Or the garage that seems to catch all the junk you’ve accumulated over the years. Next thing you know, your mind is hazy, and you can’t quite remember where you left your keys much less that long list of to-do’s you had!

Networks, computers, and even your mobile devices can suffer similar symptoms. If neglected, simple issues like storage space can malign and grow into a crippling problem. That’s why it’s important to complete your tech chores early and often. They can be a pain but when completed regularly, tech chores can serve as the preemptive measure between a happier and more productive you and total disaster.

As we dive into Summer, consider this list of simple tech chores:

  • Go through old files and pictures. Organize what you want to keep and delete duplicates and anything that’s unimportant. Leverage OneDrive’s cloud storage – included with O365 Business Essentials and Premium licenses. Or, better yet, call the Help Desk and ask about MozyPro backup solutions.
  • Declutter your workspace. Make the effort to shake the crumbs out of your keyboard. While being very careful not to unplug anything, detangle wires and ensure they run a clear path from point A to B. Remove any obstacles that could prevent air flow to your computer. If you have questions or need assistance, schedule an onsite visit with one of our engineers – we are more than happy to do a Network checkup!
  • Passwords. This is important. Go through your various passwords and make sure they are up-to-date and secure. Microsoft sees over ten million username/password pair attacks per day. Make sure you aren’t one of them! If you struggle with keeping up with your credentials, invest in a password manager. There a lot of terrific options out there that integrate seamlessly with the tools and browsers you use every day. The Quo Vadis team uses 1Password.
  • Check for updates. We do our very best to minimize the downtime you experience related to network maintenance. However, small things have a tendency to slow you down despite our efforts. Restarting your computer at least once a week can make a world of difference. When you get up for a cup of coffee or step out for the weekend, reboot your machine. This will allow Windows updates to take effect and continue running smoothly. Make a mental list of all the tools you use regularly. Flash, Adobe Reader, Java and various other add-ons and extensions update regularly and so should you. Work with an Engineer to ensure you and your computer never lose full functionality.

We are here to help, call the Help Desk.

08 Jan 2018

It’s All About Security

Everybody and every publication is finally pushing the need for tighter security. What’s lacking in much of what you read is the balance necessary between security and usability. If we make the network so secure that our teams can’t get any work done, it’s useless.

This year, Quo Vadis will be encouraging our clients to embrace Microsoft’s Password Guidance. Many of you may be reading in your own trade journals about the idea of passwords with no expiration. We agree! Our goal is password diversity to provide the best security. Today’s general password policies actually do the opposite of our intended goal.

A University of North Carolina study found 17% of new passwords could be guessed in five tries or less, given the old password. And almost 50% could be guessed in a few seconds of un-throttled guessing! So much for diversity.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is crucial to the security plans of the future. By way of reminder, two-factor authentication uses two out of three factors to confirm your identity.

  1. Something you know (like your password)
  2. Something you have (like your mobile phone)
  3. Something you are (like your face or fingerprint)

I use 2FA for my Amazon account, my online banking, my email, remote access… everything I can. You should too!

Here are our recommendations to move forward.

  1. Don’t use your business credentials outside work.
  2. Use two-factor authentication whenever possible.
  3. Use biometrics whenever possible.
  4. Invest in a password manager.
  5. Don’t store passwords in your browser.
  6. Don’t reuse passwords!
  7. Keep your operating system and application software updated. (We can do this for you.)


We will be reaching out to you shortly to remove your password expirations.